CB450D Listing


My name is Claude from Belgium and I am a collector of old Japanese scramblers motorcycles.
This site is dedicated to all owners of Honda CB450D and is intended to list all the survivors who still exist.
This will allow us to help each other in finding parts or documentation to restore or repair our motorcycles.
If you have or know someone who owns one of these machines send me an email at the following address:  info@cb450d.com  and I will answer you quickly to include or modify your bike in the list below.

I miss some parts to finish the restoration of my bike, if you have any parts or a CB450D for sale contact me, I am very interested. 


–              Bracket plate 84701293000XW 



Color VIN Engine Country City Name More pictures & comments
1 Silver CB-450-1021302 CB450E-1019015 Singapore Singapore city Moch Click here
2 Orange CB-450-1022530 CB450E-1020244 Belgium Waterloo Laurent Click here
3 Silver CB-450-10203xx CB450E-10177?? Belgium Pittem Luc Click here
4 Blue CB-450-1016878 CB450E-1014685 France ? Jean-Charles Click here
5 Silver USA ? ? Click here
6 Orange USA ? ? Click here
7 Silver  CB450-1017288  CB450E-1015100 France Bretoncelles Erick Click here
8 Orange CB450E-1019??3 Germany Pulheim Sayonara bikes (sold to ?) Click here
9 Blue CB450-1016416 CB450E-1014232 Thailand Bangkok  Nam Click here
10 Silver UK Leiston, Suffolk David Silver Museum Click here
11 Silver Netherland Lelystad CMSNL Click here
12 Orange Japan Motegi Honda museum Click here
13 Silver Japan ? ex Dick sold to Japan Click here
14 Orange CB450-1014853 CB450E-1012691 USA St. Olathe , Kansas Jerry Click here
15 Silver USA California ? ? Click here
16 Orange CB450-1024015 CB450E-1021555 Thailand Bangkok Nam Click here
17 Orange CB450-1020476 CB450E-1018185 USA Scottsdale, Arizona azisparadise (sold to ? in 2011) Click here
18 Orange CB450E-1021731  USA Peterborough, New Hampshire aquarian-antiquarian (sold to ? in 2015)  Click here
19 Unknow CB450-1017251 CB450E-6025264  UK Stoke 0n Trent, England  ?  Click here
20  Silver (ex blue)  USA Portland, Oregon  Dick  Click here
21  Black (ex Silver)  USA Oregon artemon747  Click here
22  Silver CB450-1017665 CB450E-1015469  USA Massachusetts Paul FOR SALE ppaddock2@verizon.net  Click here
23  Silver CB450-1016650 CB450E-1014482  Belgium  Hoeilaart Claude  Click here
24  Black (ex ?)  CB450-1021479  CB450E-1019185  USA  Indianapolis, Indiana.  Randy  Click here
25  Orange  CB450-1024288  CB450E-1021850  USA  San Jose, California Clay Baker – The Baker Collection  Click here
26  Orange  CB450-1019447  CB450E-1017245  USA Logansport, Indiana  ?  Click here
27  Orange  CB450-1004134  CB450E-1002738 Belgium Hoeilaart Claude  Click here
28  Silver  Sweden Malmo  Ronny  Click here
29  Orange  CB450-1012758 CB450E-1010616  USA  From Seattle, Washington to ?  Ebay sold 27/11/2017  Click here
30  Orange  USA  Chaffee – NY  Chris  Click here
31  Orange  CB450-1000291 CB450E-1508849  Germany  Berlin  Thomas  Click Here
32  Orange  CB450-1019005  USA  Zellwood, FL  Click here
33  Silver  CB450-1017865  CB450E-1015665  Austria  Graz  Bernhard  Click here
34  Orange  CB450-1014829  CB450E-1012670  France  Toulouse Amédée  Click here
35  Silver  CB450-1022078  CB450E-1019788  USA  Bolingbrook, Illinois  Joel  Click here
36  Silver  CB450-1015308  CB450E-1013138  USA  Lincoln  – Nebraska Ron  Click here
37  Blue  CB450-1014889  CB450E-1012726  USA  St Louis – Missouri Nick  Click here
38 Orange  CB450-1020503  CB450E-1018214  USA Silver Lake – Wisconsin Tyler  Click here
39 Blue  CB450-1023993  CB450E-1021530  USA New Hampshire Elijah  Click here
40 Silver CB450-1015544 CB450E-1013357 Japan Tochigi Naoki  Click here
41 Blue CB450-1014933 CB450E-1012769 USA Lubbock – Texas Jereme  Click here
42 Blue CB450-1020476 CB450E-1018185 Thailand Ratchaburi Fiwz  Click here
43 Silver CB450-1095863 CB450E-1095733 Italy Como Paolo  Click here
44 Orange CB450-1013179 CB450E-1011132 USA Long Beach – California Michael  Click here
45  Click here

         The Tale of a 1967 Honda CB450D Scrambler

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