Number 17


โ€œThis was purchased by myself as a complete 1967 Honda CB450D with the original engine and a second CB450 engine installed in the bike. The original engine is in parts and the second engine is complete and obviously not running – it had been running when I purchased it but, of course, it no longer runs now. The original engines’ stator coil unwound while running and seized the engine in an instant and the original owner decided to just replace the engine and rebuild it later. He never did and sold the bike to its second owner (a fellow Air Force brother who never registered it as he was sent to Viet Nam)whom I had the extreme privilege to purchase it from in 1992. All that appears to me to be missing are the Handle Bars, battery and a battery cable and I will include them when/if I find them! This 1967 Honda CB450D is sold as is and as seen in the photos, so please study them carefully.โ€

I purchased this 1967 Honda CB450D, CL450KO, from the second owner in 1992. I disassembled, cleaned and stored the bike for future restoration. I never got to it! So here is what is most likely to be your once in a lifetime chance to finally purchase that 1967 Honda CB450D D-Model that you have always lusted for but fully understood would never happen. I am getting goose-bumps writing this as I am second guessing my decision to sell this project as I type these words ๐Ÿ™ I too searched for this rarer-than-hens-teeth scoot for YEARS and was extremely surprised to actually discover one and be able to purchase it. Of course I was hunting in the mid 1980’s and early 1990’s when one still had the slim chance of actually turning something up! Well, I digress…

So back to the point – I am selling this basket-case 1967 Honda CB450D. It was only registered once and that was in 1969 by a member of the U.S. Air Force as witnessed by the only registration sticker that has ever graced the front forks. The original owner hand the winding come loose while riding and this seized the engine instantly (not from over heating – the copper wire from the winding instantly wrapped itself around the engines crank-shaft and stopped it in its tracks). After replacing the engine with another CB450 engine he proceed to hit a tree with the front tire and then parked it. He then sold the bike to his fellow Air Force buddy who was sent to Viet Nam before he had a chance to fix it and unfortunately when he returned home he was not in motorcycle riding condition. So fast forward two decades and I am the very excited young lad purchasing this diamond-in-the-ruff. Fast forward another 25 years and that once excited young lad is now placing his Honda Dream (pun intended) on eBay to be sold to the highest bidder at auction. Very sad indeed.